There is more to us than just Commercial Flooring……Wall Cladding is a speciality of ours too!!

Bio Clad and Altro Whiterock PVC wall cladding are leading the market in hygienic PVC wall coverings to hit the commercial sector. This hygienic durable low maintenance surface is water proof, grout free and in some cases has an anti-bacterial agent.
With its seamless quality finish it can also be supplied in different decorative styles. As well as different sizes and colours. If you wanted a bespoke board with logo and pictures this can be tailored to most photos or prints.
So why choose any other wall finish for your commercial kitchen, shower room or public areas where health regulations are imperative and crucial to your business needs.SCF Ltd have recently become bonafide and a fully trained company to endorse, supply and fit this excellent cost effective superior wall and ceiling finish. Although our speciality has been primarily in the domestic and commercial flooring sector we have invested in our staff, getting them trained and fully accredited to now offer this exciting product.Tests have proven that this product is watertight when welded which prevents bacteria growing in the grout. The bacteria has nowhere to fester and water has nowhere to seep which protects the wall structure underneath all factors as to why this product is such a crucial and valuable long term investment. Can you afford not to have this fitted? This is why we are proud to become your trusted local firm approved by Altro and Bio Clad.

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SCF Ltd are the approved fitters for Whiterock and the sole suppliers of Bioclad.

Please send all tenders by email to or by post. Many Thanks.